Thursday, 15 June 2017

A World With Very Little Justice

For those that live in the undeveloped world, the notion of justice or indeed human rights are in most cases far removed. Some or most will never have known the concept of a balanced justice system. It is I suppose dependent upon the attitude of the governing bodies. They decide what Laws are relevant. They decide where the line is drawn and the values the population must have if the Establishment's society is to be maintained. Access to the Law for the poor has been taken away within the UK. (Indeed the western world) Whereas before there was a voice to be heard now there is silence. Because at the very source of that voice is a system that runs on money. It eats money, it needs money and all the Justice in the world means nothing until it is fed, and it is always needing more like the giant flesh eating plant in "The Little Shop of Horrors."

So what chance do we stand against a system that rules us by keeping us poor? How much more injustice can we take until we come together and "Rage against the machine?"

Activate, think, come together, organise. Remember the Poll Tax riots? Study their ways and learn how they did it because this Tory government is NOT going to acknowledge your existence let alone give you Justice.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Moonlit Horizons

Masses of Dark Ambient, Psychill, Dub, Meditation, New Age, and Electronic Lounge from Cinematic Orchestra, Desert Dwellers, Area 42, Tripswitch, Musicbank, Seamoon, Solar Fields, and Sounds From The Ground. These are just a few of the many artists we play.

Dozens of beautiful compositions non-stop around the Earth both for the darkness and lightness of the World we live in.

Goodwill to all fighting the right-wing fascist bastards, may common-sense and justice prevail. So sit back and enjoy Moonlit Horizons irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, social class, sexual orientation, or any other fucked up divisionary tactic used by hate filled governments. Fuck them.

Remember, it's not what you have that matters, but what you enjoy that counts - The Sven x

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A Winter's Morning In The Northern Hemisphere

Ambient music for inner peace, beautiful Lo-Fi Oriental Lounge to help relax. Frozen Roads Chillout classics. A vast selection of New Age sound spheres, featuring Tai Chi, Rainbow Serpent, Solar Fields, Desert Dwellers, Musicbank, Cinematic Orchestra, and the Dark Side of The Moon. Omar, Kaki King, Blank & Jones, Aphex Twins, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Goldfrap, Carbon Based Lifeforms and Buddha Grooves, will also be played from dawn till dusk. Help to make Sven Radio one of the most  popular, diverse, and interesting stations in the world.

Now playing in Christmas and the New Year with beautiful music - Please join us and 'open your mind' Looking forward to you picking up on our station and spreading it around. From Mr Sven the Peace guru (except when riled.)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Another miserable morning here on the south-coast of England, with heavy rain, and a dull, overcast sky. But hey guys and girls that doesn't stop our beating hearts. We still dance and chill here in the heart of Sven-Land in up town Brighton, East Sussex. So why allow the doldrums into your life when we have over 3,000 artists from around the World contributing their music night and day, and all for your pleasure? This fantastic collection is available on your mobile, iPad, iPhone, and PC whether you're working, resting, or playing. Love and peace - The Sven

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sheltering Skies

I still 'dig' the music that we stream, which I know sounds rather odd considering I actually chose what's played. I keep discovering whole ranges of intriguing combinations from a mass of fabulous groups. Recent examples are Bluetech, Boozoo Bajou, Nightmares On Wax, Night Smothers, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Spacecraft, Liquid Motion, Euphonic Traveller, and so many more. To me it's a complete learning curve, which I thoroughly enjoy when I find outstanding music waiting at the end of it. So many stars, so much beauty, it never ceases to making it's contribution to the uniqueness of what is Sven Radio. Stay Warm

Friday, 7 March 2014

Time It Is A Precious Thing

Today there is no sun at all. The sky is dead. Very few birds are flying. There is no wind, not a branch flickers, nor a leaf moves. Just silence and the grey day. Yet, despite the sombre mood in the grounds of Sven Radio we are still playing our cool tunes. We are still giving out good vibrations, and still fighting for a new dawn. I and I have always believed from day one of this station, that the future of the World we all live in, lays in clean energy and science. Our objectives are still in promoting organisations who are fighting global warming, protecting the oceans, saving ancient forests, phasing out toxic pollutants, eliminating the threat of genetic engineering, and ending the nuclear age. The welfare of the Earth is all our futures. Humans have energy resources such as solar power, hydroelectricity, bio fuels, wind power, and geothermal energy. It is time to stop burning fossil fuel, and more importantly to stop killing each other over oil! Time is passing so they say, so we had better get it right this time, because there won't be no next time.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

All Day It's Rained

Well, the storm blows on and the rain falls incessantly. There's talk of it lasting for months - just the wind, rain, and the warm winter. It's terrible weather - Chinese, water torture.

"All day it has rained, and we on the edge of the moors
 Have sprawled in our bell-tents, moody and dull as boors,
Groundsheets and blankets spread on the muddy ground
And from the first grey awakening, we have found
No refuge from the skirmishing fine rain
And the wind that made the canvas heave and flap
And the taut wet guy-ropes ravel out and snap.
All day the rain has glided, wave and mist, and dream,
Drenching the gorse and heather, a gossamer stream
Too light to stir the acorns that suddenly
Snatched from their cups by the wild south-westerly
Pattered against the tent and our upturned, dreaming, faces.
And we stretched out, unbuttoning our braces,
Smoking a Woodbine, darning dirty socks,
Reading the Sunday papers - I saw a fox
And mentioned it in a note I scribbled home;
And we talked of girls and dropping bombs on Rome,
And thought of the quiet dead and the loud celebrities
Exhorting us to slaughter, and the herded refugees;
Yet thought softly, morosely of them, and as indifferently
As of ourselves of those whom we for years have loved, and will again
Tomorrow maybe love; But now it is the rain
Possesses us entirely, the twilight and the rain."

 Alun Lewis 1915 - 1944 Killed on the Arakan Front

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


There is something beautifully refreshing about the wind on the coast line. Today it is chilly yet, the sun shines brightly. Later I shall cycle down to the beach to look out over the English Channel.

"Breathe lad, fill your lungs with fresh air, and bring some colour to your cheeks. Get rid of the diesel fumes and the poisons of the City. "

The beach is for dreaming. Dreaming of a better world perhaps that is cleaner, stronger, and free from greed and destruction. Sometimes, I think it would be easier to lose sight of my objectives. To abandon the struggle and join the other money grabbing guttersnipes; but I can't do that. I owe it to my children, and my children's children, to keep struggling and to develop enlightenment that will keep me fighting those that are ruining the world with their Fracking, pollution, fossil fuels, deforestation, and their lies. Man-made global warming is a fact, and you'd better believe it.

This does not mean I will not revise my understanding. I will judge the evidence before me, and from this will come my own perceptions based on scientific facts. I am sick of the charlatans, liars, religious nuts from all persuasions, conspiracy zealots, and climate change deniers. It is time to wake up and face the world around you. We only have one planet, and heaven on this Earth is by far a better option than some imaginary place, which is the product of a bastion of deception. Love, Peace, and good living.