Thursday, 4 August 2011

Book Launch Party for Sven

Writing under the name of Wilfred Pickles Sven's launched the opening chapters of his book "Living in the Empty Spaces" at the following site - so when you have danced and partied and you are looking for a peaceful moment why not tune in to the above site and relax - But for the moment let us forget about books and turn our attention to this weekend - Starting at 1pm BST we will be kicking off with our new upgraded additions from our library of music - we have just bought 35 new CD's to keep the station going for a few days with upto date sounds from the MOS chilled house to all the big club music here in Europe. So tuck in and limber up and we will be here in a little over one hour. Smile on.

We love you Sven Encore!

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