Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Waking The Spirit - Earthwatch & Greenpeace

It is important that we awake from our slumber, for whilst we doze man-made Global Warming is occurring. Do not listen to those full of disinformation. Do not listen to those who have a vested interest in maintaining the use of fossil fuels. Do not entertain the so-called scientists and physicists who tell us that the rising temperature is a "New Normal" there is no such thing! The truth of the matter is that the variance in the Earth's temperature is not caused by any natural phenomena, but is caused by the rise in CO2 emissions. Unless that is curtailed and we move into the future using alternative/renewable energy then our children, and our grandchildren, will inherit a World of terrible climate changes. Icecaps are already melting, increased rain and floods are happening now, earthquakes, drought, pollution on massive scales - the list goes on and on - join an organisation on line that is fighting Governments to stop this happening. Remember to Unite and Fight! To save our beautiful Earth. Peace

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