Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Between Earth & Sky

Sven Radio is celebrating the success of Greenpeace in getting logging enterprises stopped in Indonesia. It is a small victory in a world where there are no winners. We must protect our green guardians, because without trees we will all perish. Follow your heart and seek the truth and help move away from the use of fossil fuels, it is our only hope. There are many organisations out there that need your support, it is only by working together that we can help make a change. To hell with the those who deny man-made Global warming, they live in cloud-cuckoo land of that I'm certain. They come in many guises do these people, conspiracy theorists, those in the pay of the petro-chemical industry, Alec Jones supporters "There's a battle on for your mind" - bleeding nutters the lot of them. So fight the good fight with all of your might. Read more of what is going on out there and you make your own choice. Love, peace, and harmony.

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