Thursday, 20 October 2011

In The Company of Whales

All this week Sven Radio will be playing a great deal of music that is dedicated to whales and dolphins. Most of you probably don't know but the Japanese whaling season commences next month in the Antartic. This is the annual slaughter of a variety of whales for "scientific" purposes - what these "scientific" purposes are noboby is quite sure other than to say that various parts of the whale can be found at a later date, on the plates of Japanese diners. Already a number of movements opposed to this slaughter are getting ready to sail down there, not least the Sea Shepard Conservation Society who will be sending three boats to help chase and harass the Japanese whaling fleet. It is a crime to be killling these beautiful and enigmatic creatures, and our support and good will goes with the skipper Paul Watson and his crews in their endeavour to intervene and prevent these acts of barbarity.

An humpbacked whale. These are under threat.

An Orca Killer Whale.

Bottlenose Dolphins

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