Monday, 17 October 2011

The Water of Life

In some countries, people take their regular supply of freshwater for granted. Whilst in others, where there is very little, it is a prized commodity. Water reaches us, in one way or another, through the hydrological, or water cycle, whereby land areas are supplied with precipitation that originates in the saline oceans, where more than  97% of the world's water is found. Another vital resource, also taken for granted in many places, is the soil, the character of which is determined by the climate. The delicate balance between climate, water, and plant life is something that we disturb at our peril.

We at Sven Radio believe that man-made climate change is placing all of us in great peril - so please go away and think about the future of the Planet - it is all we have. However, if you live in Texas where scientific study is frowned upon, and all references to climate change are outlawed, then please buy yourself an ostrich and mimic that. Mind you, you will have to read a book (without pictures) to find out what ostriches do, but here is a clue.

Please go away I don't want to hear anymore.
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