Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sunset at the Crystal Lake

Sven and Co are already missing the warm rays of the sun - Hurry by winter we can hardly wait to once more don our bikinis and walk down to the warm beach.

Now dawn is coming - the frosty garden - the trees pale and uninviting - frozen flowers dying, plants cold and wilting.- but here inside the warm studio, Samantha is brewing tea, and making Sven's favourite breakfast. Hot porridge with runny honey, followed by four pork sausages, two eggs, six rashers of smokey bacon, two fried slices, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, hash browns, and a large pot of tea with toast and jam with twenty Camel cigarettes. Then at the mid-morning break it will be two whopping great slices of Black Forest Gateau with double cream and cherries. It is little wonder that Sven is a trifle unfit and nine stones overweight - but alas Samantha says, "Once you've had fat, you never look back!"

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