Saturday, 14 January 2012

Meet the Frackers

Where Sven Radio lives it is not an heavy industrial area. We have the Sussex Downs, with mile upon mile of rolling countryside, and we are also by the sea. So imagine our shock, and disgust, when the American oil company Cuadrilla turned up with a view to drilling a test well in the west of our county! Fracking is a terrible practise. The technique involves forcing thousands of gallons of chemical solution under high pressure into rocks to release oil or gas, which in turn pollutes groundwater, adds to greenhouse gas pollution and destroys local ecosystems. Despite polluting various parts of the USA already in what is a growing industry, its also been claimed that the chemicals used have been linked to bone, liver and breast cancers and disorders of the nervous system, radium in waste products, and methane in drinking water.

For crying out loud Mr Paul Kelly you can tell your bosses at Cuadrilla to take their damn Fracking and leave our beautiful county alone!!!

Sven's Sussex

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