Monday, 13 February 2012

One Day In The Life Of Sven Denisovich

The world is in a constant state of flux. Hardly a day passes without any given situation changing. It is not possible to keep abreast of what works musically - even in Sven Land we are constantly seeking the evasive answer to "What will capture our listeners, so that they will stay with us forever?" Playing music that is listened to around the world is a far cry from a local station doing the breakfast show. Looking at our map that pinpoints where our listeners are, we have for example this morning, someone in Israel, Italy, Shanghai-China, Sofia-Bulgaria, Sunnyvale-California, Tokyo-Japan, and Sydney-Australia tuned in. So you see it is not without thought that at Sven Radio we chose our selections carefully. It is truly a mixture of many instruments and compositions where East meets West on a musical level, bringing peace, love, and meditation.

We would also like to wish Professor Roland, from Sven Radio, all the very best. He at this time is carefully travelling around the world. This will take him to many places in his six months abroad, and all of us at Sven who have to stay behind, are insanely jealous. Good luck dear Professor and salutations, enjoy the beauty that is Earth.

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