Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Singing In The Rain

Here at Sven Radio we are getting ready for our move to sunnier climes. Yes, on April 18th we will be packing up Sven Radio for about three to four days and reopening in the land of Rye in Sussex. Rye is beautiful, and from time to time, Sven's ventures into the surrounding coastal areas will be posted on this site to show you the huge leaps for mankind that Sven Radio is making. But before all of the sun, sand, sea, and frolics, we are making a request, and that is that we should all send out good vibrations and beg for rain. We are suffering the greatest lack of rain that this part of the country's ever suffered since records began. Water levels are very low. Reservoirs, rivers, and streams are drying up.The disruption to the breeding cycles of all wildlife is horrendous. Fish, amphibians, crops, small mammals, and birds are dying in droves, and still no rain. At Sven we shall pray to all the Deities that it rains for forty days and forty nights. (OK we'll accept two weeks) So treat your water carefully, it is the most precious thing in the entire world. Love and Peace from Mr Sven

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