Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sven Is Moving To Paradise

On Tuesday April 17th Sven Radio will be going off air at 8pm British Summer Time and reopening on Wednesday April 25th at 6am BST. - Everything is subject to the wondrous abilities of British Telecom and whether they can get it right. What this means in real terms is that we are in the hands of the Gods and Barry, and whether he can remember to pull one plug out, and plug the correct one back in. (Barry bows and touches forelock in acknowledgement)

We wish all our fab listeners the very best for now and always, and hope to see you all back with us on that fateful morning with the marking of the dawn, and a new era of Sven Radio sounds swirling around the planet. So all that's left to do is get organised and put our lives in boxes - Goodbye for now and don't forget that here at Sven we are always thinking of you - Kind Regards - The Gang of Five.

Here are some pictures of our new home at Rye in Sussex - see you in paradise - Peace Sven

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