Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Who Will Feed The Little Birds?

Sven Radio will be two years old on May 1st by which time we will have moved to Rye in Sussex. We are looking forward to broadcasting from our new premises in this ancient sea port. Here in Lewes we have fed the small birds in our garden all the time we have been here, and the great sadness is that once we leave, there will be no one around to carry on feeding them. The only consolation we have is that it is approaching summer, and some of the foods they live on should be available. This of course is not entirely true, because in this part of the world there are intensive farming practises that are used, which strip out the hedgerows where the small birds feed and to a certain extent breed, and then spray the land with pesticides. This is a contributory factor as to why so many populations of small birds are suffering, and why so many are under threat. Added to all of this now we have a major drought on our hands with many streams and rivulets drying up, which means in turn that water insects and bugs are also dying, thus taking away a further source of food. Nobody seems to be acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, idiots are still hosing their lawns and washing their cars, and wasting thousands and thousands of gallons of good drinking water in the process.

I just feel the birds will die, mainly because they have become reliant upon the seed we give them. So our move is tinged to a degree with one of sadness at this loss. I watered and fed them again this morning. I look at them buzzing around in the sunshine and realise that in under two weeks thier hunger will begin, and there's nothing I can do.

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