Monday, 28 May 2012

Time It Is a Precious Thing

Time it is a precious thing, and time brings all things to an end. Time is passing so they say, so you had better get right this time, because there won't be no next time. How much time do we have left? Now the Government is talking of turning back time and going back to burning fossil fuels to generate the power stations. What is going on? Here we are trying to increase the use of renewable energy, trying to harness the power of nature to help us advance the way in we which we use this power, and the Government is talking of going backwards in time. This is the 21st century NOT the 19th. Work with nature to promote the future not against it - why do you want to poison the very air we ALL breath? Where does the good lie in pumping millions of tons of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere? Think of the future - think of the children, STAND UP for what you believe in before it is too late! There is only ONE EARTH use it wisely. Because we die TIME IS PRECIOUS!

                           "We all have time to spend or waste,
                             and it is our decision what we do with it.
                             But once passed, it is gone forever."  - Bruce Lee

Sven Radio HQ Earlier Tonight - Peace

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