Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Answer Lies In The Soil

Well today I have just received the wonderful news that I am to be allocated a piece of land (One Chain Squared) to cultivate down by Rye Harbour. Sven is going to grow things right next door to the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. Birds, bees, and butterflies will flutter by - the sun is shining now. Today marks a vast improvement in our lot - yes there is work to be done. Strimming, digging roots up, constructing sheds/greenhouses, planting, watering, turning the soil over, composting, sweating stripped to the waist chopping wood to burn, roasting potatoes, frying eggs, making tea and living on our land by the sea. I may even string up an hammock. Then finally the rewards of that labour, the fruit, herbs, and vegetables all organically grown with much love. Peace at last brothers and sisters - Peace at last!

Sven's Little House on The Prairie

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