Friday, 8 June 2012

Flaming June?

It is raining this morning here in Sven Land. It's rained now for the past two weeks virtually non-stop. Banks of dark cloud are scudding across the sky and the threat of rain and gale force winds is imminent. I ask you what's happening to our weather? It is now pouring down again, and the "wooden tops" insist that there is nothing that can be done, and that really this is all perfectly natural. This is natural is it! I tell you now that this is attributable to man-made global warming. I say that here at Sven Radio our fight goes on for recognition and acknowledgement by all Governmental bodies throughout the world that the extreme weather conditions is the problem of us all, and not just that of a few.

Did you know that there are groups of people who insist that the global warming campaign is a conspiracy. and that the ice-caps are not melting? Apparently, according to them it is all an hoax to get us to pay more taxes. What? I mean so all these gallant and noble organisations that are opposed to the petro-chemical companies and the use of fossil fuels are really conspiring, and inventing what is happening in our world? Eh? Please do not listen to the fools that are spreading disinformation - use your common sense and see what is happening around you. Think of the bigger picture and join in the fight at every level, to save the planet for future generations! Peace - Sven xxx

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