Friday, 15 June 2012

These Hearts of Gold

We are very fortunate at Sven Radio in the sense that we encounter some truly wonderful people via our contacts on Facebook and Twitter. I suppose in some respects it becomes a registrar of births, marriages and deaths, enabling us to comment and play music that is appropriate for the occasion. Death of course is always with us, even on the brightest of days when the sky is so blue and cloudless, and the day so warm it brings a smile to your face. Life can be hard for those who struggle daily to make ends meet. Our thoughts go out to all of those people who are ill - we wish you well. To those who are hungry and thirsty - we wish that you find sustenance. To the depressed and lonely - we wish you to find love and contentment in your worlds. Breathe love, and be courteous to others - harm no one - and try to bring joy wherever you go. Peace and love always - Sven.

A Long and A Dusty Road

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