Thursday, 12 July 2012

Paradise Lost

This is going to be a kind of chilled classic week. I know America is now suffering the worst bout of sun, high temperatures, drought and fires it has ever suffered. We have flooding over here, heavy rains almost monsoon like in their ferocity. We have had very little sun. Every direction you look in there's problems both with climate change and pollution. Yet, this week I ask you to stay focused. In our heart-of-hearts we hold a feeling as to what is happening. This is the consequences, the end result of the many years of the Earth getting hotter, and this is only the beginning, and unless something is done soon matters will only get worse. Here at Sven Radio we can see where the blame lays. It is no use them turning a blind eye. It is no use them saying it is a "natural" cycle of events. We now that to be a crock. If they had any concern for this Paradise and its people they would have done something by now. Instead they block, and lie, find alibis, and give out masses of disinformation, and even have the audacity to accuse many of the leading scientists, universities, Professors, climatologists, and meteorologists of the world to be involved in some mass conspiracy to overthrow governments and the petro-chemical industry. How f--king stupid can you get - talk about Rome burning whilst Nero fiddled!

The evidence is all around them. There's hardly a country in the world that is not experiencing man-made climate change of one sort or another. Oh yes! I keep forgetting that they acknowledge climate change, but NOT of the man-made variety, because that would implicate them in its process, and therefore would be considered a sign of weakness and may knock billions of dollars of their stock value. This is all about avarice. This all about the domination of the oil business, I mean what would happen to the Middle-east and its oilfields if they were to become worthless.Better still who cares? What would happen if the western capitalists were to pull the plug and switch to renewable energy? What if governments moved away from the use of fossil fuels and motivated the use of clean energy to power our cities and towns? The list is endless, the consequences for the oil industry would be catastrophic and here at Sven Radio we say good f--king riddance. The oil Barons are a scourge on the Earth, and the sooner they are gone, along with their dirty, polluting, product the better for this planet and its people! right on my Brothers and Sisters! The Sven lives!

This is my paradise that I do not want to lose - Sven x

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