Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Emperor's New Clothes

Good morning everyone and a warm hello from Sven Radio. Today there will be a procession past the HQ of Sven in the Cinque Port of Rye, because we have the Olympic Torch procession going by. Masses of Union Jacks line the streets. Already rope barriers are being erected and traffic is being re-directed. The infringement into ordinary peoples lives is now taking place. Coco Cola and MacDonald flags and banners adorn all our ancient buildings because they are sponsoring the event. Buildings that date back into the 15th Century are splashed with the red and white emblems of these drink and food experts. Did you know you can eat two Big Macs with cheese and drink a 2 litre bottle of coke every single day of your life and still lose weight? Drinking Coco Cola is good for your teeth, and so is eating all those lovely French-fries piled high with nourishing juicy fat-free burghers. So come on get stuck in to this feast of plenty and fill your big fat-faces with all these lovely delights. The Olympic Village is now host to the world's largest MacDonald's, it can serve up to 10,000 burghers an hour - yummy, yummy, and there are fountains of coke to swill it all down with. So bring your kids and fill them up with the best food and drink that money can buy, whilst you watch the Olympics with a full belly of nourishment, and to hell with all the ordinary peoples lives of London that are being totally disrupted - they're nothing but spoilsports. Geddit?


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