Friday, 28 September 2012

Radiating Love For All Bees

We are radiating love for all bees

Listen man let me tell you daddyho, bee decline is a serious threat to global agriculture, because of the insects' vital role in pollination. Both bumble bee and honey bee populations have declined dramatically in recent decades. Although precise figures for insect populations are difficult to project, a UN report said last year that the phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder – the disappearance of worker bees – had become a global problem.

Neonicotonoid pesticides, disrupt the nervous systems of pest insects such as aphids but also affect non-target species such as bees. Large doses can kill bees, and non-lethal amounts affects bees' homing ability, putting colonies at risk of collapse.

At Sven Land we would never use such pesticides. Our land is bee friendly and we are totally opposed to all chemical pollutants and toxins. We are not in the pay of the chemical companies who would rather line their pockets and kill bees, little realising that by killing the bees they are also reducing the crops that need pollination to survive. These greedy, short-sighted ignoramuses, would not be tolerated in the land of Sven, we treasure nature too much to allow a band of filthy pesticide producers to spoil the balance of nature.

So stay cool you cats, and keep tuning in to the good vibrations radiating your way via this coolio station - Yours Cornelius The Hairy
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