Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wecome to the World of Sven Radio

We are more than a station playing cool tunes, we are a way of life. In Sven Land we try to promote self-awareness and to develop a consciousness that sees beyond your immediate surroundings. We try to expand and open your mind, so you can let in the beautiful music that is Sven Radio. Are we not people that care for the world we live in? Of course we are on many levels, and all of us can be. This is not an exclusive club, it is an inclusive place where all peoples can visit. We want you to live your lives in peace and harmony and to think what is happening in the greater world. Everyone should be fed, nobody should live in poverty.

Poisoning the environment should not be an option. Polluting the rivers, oceans, and seas and the very air we all breathe is insanity! We need governments from the more powerful nations to come together. Drop these politics that are killing the people and the planet! Already nature is suffering at the hands of man-made global warming. We must seek alternative methods of sustaining the way in which we live, the present system of burning fossil fuels should be debunked. So friends keep remembering that in this world, we at Sven will be playing our beautiful music, and today is no exception, We shall be featuring: Brian Eno & Robert Fripp, Deuter, Anugama, Solar Fields, Kamal, Sounds From The Ground, Gandalf, Cosmic Hoffman, Alpha Wave Movement, Azi Ali, Aes Dana, and many more wonderful artists that we are very honoured to be able to send to you.

Love and Sanity Sven
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