Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent

We at Sven Radio genuinely believe that now is the time for all governments to address the issue of climate change. Otherwise, we shall face a world of weather conditions and "natural" disasters, never seen before in the annals of history. We must think of the coming generations and help stop now the various Right-Wing organisations and corporations that are dead set on doing away with all environmental issues and laws. For example, those that prevent them from exploiting the Tar Sands of Canada are now being challenged by certain parties within that country, who are already negotiating with the Chinese government to sell on this disgusting oil that is much more toxic than any other known substance

Once in the hands of the Chinese government that will be the end of the matter - there will be no more negotiations from this closed society from then on in - it will spell the end.

Well Is It?

Meantime, we shall continue playing beautiful music and will be featuring: ATB, Aural Planet, Solar Fields, Deuter, Autechre, Aes Dana, Deep Space Network, Ian Boddy, Sounds From The Ground, and the many more fab artists that share our concern and love of our planet. - Peace Sven.

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