Friday, 7 December 2012

Here in The Magic of My Wood

Well winter is slowly coming back. Slower, wetter, warmer, wilder. The winds lash the coast like never before. Don't get confused with natural phenomena that is part of the cycle of the planet. If we took in account all the natural cycles of the earth, and added them to a computer forecast of the weather to expect, nothing would compare to what is happening now. The world is warmer and it's nothing to do with nature. Climate change of the man-made variety is far outstripping nature. The ecology of the planet, that is the relationships between plants, animals, people, and their environment, and the balances that are needed in order for the earth to cope are becoming unstable.

Here in The Magic of My Wood

Just stop and think of what is happening around the world weather-wise, and ask yourself why? The singular, biggest problem we have, is ignorance itself. The refusal to seek and understand what is happening out there. So lift your heads up from the trough and start finding out what is going on - try not to get confused with all the claptrap that is being pumped out by vested interests. I guess if I owned a petro-chemical industry, I too would be mastering the art of disinformation. There are answers to the many problems, it just may mean a little more individual reasoning on your part - that surely is not too much to ask?

MEANWHILE! back at the ranch, we have been supplying the music for a party in Greece. Yep! we were asked by a bunch of people in Thessaloniki to up the tempo of our cool tunes system, and dig out some of those updated Ibiza classics from the summer.

It is now approaching six o'clock in that part of the world, whilst here in Sven Land it is 3am, and we have now  chilled the tunes all the way down once more, and are back to our gentle, undulating world of New Age, Ambient, and Down Tempo. So come join us in the Magic Wood and rest awhile - Love and Peace my sisters and brothers - we shall overcome.
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