Friday, 14 December 2012

Not The Mayan Doom and Gloom Show

No where else will you find such a brilliant selection of Ambient, Chillout, New Age, and Downtempo music. What other station plays such a vast selection, and the beauty of it, is that it is totally FREE!

Here are some of the artists for this coming week :- Banco De Gaia, Rainbow Serpent, Deuter, Anugama, Peter Kater, Cosmic Hoffman, the Buddha Experience, Solar Fields, Merlin's Magic, An Nee Mah, Aes Dana, Autechre, Sounds From the Ground, Ephemerel Mists, Aural Planet, FXU, Brian Eno, Terry Oldfield, and many many more. All will be featured here on Sven Radio. So tune in and enjoy, all is not doom and gloom ... (What's the name of that calender again?) :-))

Love- life and Peace - Sven

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