Monday, 24 December 2012

The Evening is Falling Tread Lightly

Just to say and play some cool music from the years we've already had here at Sven radio your station to the stars. We love this station and hope you do too - so why not tune in and relax to some cool Yule! This evening and into Christmas Day we will be featuring :- Mandala, Phil Thornton, The Buddha Experience, Solar Fields, Nabco De Gaia, Johannes Schmoelling, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Medwyn Goodhall, New Risen Throne, Sounds From The Ground, The Boards of Canada, serious beautiful music and of course many more brilliant artists - so please have a gathering if you can and if not just sit back and get outta your nut, and remember here at Sven we will always love you - so have a sweet time and if you're alone big hugs and kisses - Peace and Living, Samantha, Dot, The Prof, and Sven

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