Monday, 14 January 2013

After The Snow

Awoke this morning to snow falling on 'my little town' - All Rye is, is a Tudor rock stuck on the Romney Marshes in the south easterly corner of Sussex. Somebody once described this place has being, 'Four thousand alcoholics, clinging to a rock' I must admit I can't disagree. To others the place is beautiful, and holds a rich and colourful past, which can be traced back to Roman times when, before it was separated from the sea by marsh, the town's original location offered a safe haven in the English Channel.

Sven Radio @ Rye

My dream home

Today, and for the coming 37 days we will be playing the entire collection from Sven Radio's library non-stop. We are doing this in celebration of our two years on air. Two years in which we have seen many changes. Now we are much more settled and understand the direction in which we wish to go. Gone is the jazz, the rock, and the crazy eclectic mixes of bygone years. In its place is the Downtempo, Ambient, Chillout, and New Age music of a new generation. Mixed in with all of this is our beating heart, pumping out good vibrations. We don't care if we get called 'tree-huggers' because a tree produces oxygen, what do you produce?

I cannot make any lists of the artists, musicians, and composers, it would be too long. But needless to say you are all in our thoughts on this grey, snowy, day - and anyway sit back and just enjoy the cool tunes from this great hand-picked collection coming all the way from rural Sussex deep in theheart of 1066 country.

Love Sven, Sam, Dot, and the Professor.
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