Monday, 7 January 2013

Shadows Over Humanity

We start another year with the same determination we had at the start of the last one, and that is to fight for clean energy. At Sven Radio we do everything we possibly can to promote and support all environmental groups. We endeavour to "open" the minds of the sceptical, the cynics, and those who are "confused." All we want to expose you to is COMMON SENSE, and to show that it is possible for this world we all live in to survive and live on the clean energy provided by the wind, the rivers, the sea, and the harnessed sun.

Our Nemesis, the shadow that falls over us, comes in the form of the many petro-chemical companies who are opposed to clean energy. They are the climate change deniers, the profiteers, the cold, cynical, set of bastards that are destroying our Earth. Look at COAL-TAR SANDS, look at FRACKING and the poisoning of the ground, look at the OIL SPILLS around the world. LOOK! Awareness of what is going on is essential. Developing a political consciousness is another. Added to this is the destruction of the Rain Forests in Central, and South America, Indonesia, and India to name but a few.

Challenge at every verse end those who deny it is taking place. Equip yourself with knowledge - love and peace - and Remember Passive Resistance always. Sven


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