Friday, 22 February 2013

Love Songs From The Mountains

Time for reflection. Time to look back at the music we have played for you over the years. This week we are going back to our New Age roots. Going back to a time of simple beauty, when we tried to capture the essence of the natural world in the lakes, rivers, plains, and mountains. Sven Radio supports the preservation of the land and the peoples right for self-determination, far from the negative aspects of the industrial wastelands. So tune in relax, and stay calm.

Alberta Canada

The big picture is not to lose hope and to always believe that what you have to say is valid. Do away with the negative feelings of others, believe in yourself, educate yourself as to what is going on around you, and always question the accepted order of things. After all we are here to drink beer, to dance, and to sing our love songs from the mountains. Sven, Samantha, Dot, and the Prof.
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