Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Jolly Old Rain

I can see the day, but there is no sun. 'And in my cup of corn there is no golden field.'

It is another dull day here in Svenland. I do wish it would brighten up. We are growing our own vegetables, fruit, and herbs, and still I hang back in the wind tunnel with my tomato and aubergine plants at the ready waiting for a sustained period of sunshine. The weather forecasts say little about the sun. "Below seasonal averages" is all you'll get. No sun, no bees, hungry birds, and just the rain falling; the jolly old rain.

To bring cheer on a dull morning

Outside the window and down the road, the morning two carriage diesel train to Ashford International goes by. It is a silent Sunday morning and not a soul about. Here we will be playing a selection of coolness from Brian Eno, Dan Gibson, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Vangelis, Ian Boddy, Boards of Canada, Alpha Wave Movement, Prem Joshua, The Buddha Experience, and dozens more tip-top artists and musicians. So hold back a while, put your feet up, close your eyes, and enjoy the peaceful day. Sven x
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