Thursday, 15 June 2017

A World With Very Little Justice

For those that live in the undeveloped world, the notion of justice or indeed human rights are in most cases far removed. Some or most will never have known the concept of a balanced justice system. It is I suppose dependent upon the attitude of the governing bodies. They decide what Laws are relevant. They decide where the line is drawn and the values the population must have if the Establishment's society is to be maintained. Access to the Law for the poor has been taken away within the UK. (Indeed the western world) Whereas before there was a voice to be heard now there is silence. Because at the very source of that voice is a system that runs on money. It eats money, it needs money and all the Justice in the world means nothing until it is fed, and it is always needing more like the giant flesh eating plant in "The Little Shop of Horrors."

So what chance do we stand against a system that rules us by keeping us poor? How much more injustice can we take until we come together and "Rage against the machine?"

Activate, think, come together, organise. Remember the Poll Tax riots? Study their ways and learn how they did it because this Tory government is NOT going to acknowledge your existence let alone give you Justice.

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