Master Maurice from Enschede teaches without method or books and earns nomination

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Maurice Ermen from Enschede has been nominated for the Film Teacher of the Year title. Maurice is a teacher at elementary school The invention in Enschede and teaches without method and without textbooks. Instead, video plays a major role in his lessons.

The election of Film Teacher of the Year is held for the second time this year. It is an initiative of Eye Filmmuseum with the Network Film Education. It is co-supported by the Netherlands Film Festival and the Dutch Association of Cinemas and Film Theaters.

"Film education does not yet have a permanent place in education," the organization explains the motive behind the election. "For that reason, creative teachers who help students get started in the media landscape play an important role. They are the ambassadors of the education of the future." With the election, the organization wants to put these teachers in the spotlight.

Personal interpretation
Maurice works at a school for personalized primary education. He gives there World Orientation, which includes history and geography, and does it without method and textbooks. He devises his own lessons and assignments for the students, whereby film often plays a major role. He also teaches the children to look comprehensively and analyze fake news.

Teachers, students and film professionals from all over the country nominated candidates for the prize in the past year. A professional jury chose three nominees from this. In addition to Maurice, Malu Sanders from Amsterdam and Jeroen Helmers from Venlo are in the race. The jury will announce the winner during the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht on October 1.

In his regular group in the superstructure, Maurice also makes films with the children himself, such as this one for the Unicef ​​Children's Rights Festival. The assignment was: Show what a school looks like where the teachers are very old-fashioned and have absolutely no control over the internet.

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