Camps kick the brakes on new care homes

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As of today, there will temporarily be no more new care homes in Kampen. Due to a sharp increase in housing and concerns about the quality of the care provided, the municipality is slowing down.

Until the zoning plan has been changed, which stipulates that houses or retail premises cannot simply be converted into a care home, the foot is on the brake. This new zoning plan must be ready within a year.

Quality of life

In particular in the inner city of Kampen, a sharp increase in care homes was observed. The municipality is concerned about this development. For example, the quality of care would be at stake and would have a negative effect on the quality of life of local residents.

The police and municipality have already received dozens of reports and complaints about residents of care homes who misbehave or cause nuisance. And so alderman Jan Peter van der Sluis sounded the alarm.

Healthcare providers

From today, Kampen is locked for new care homes. "Our next priority is to separate the wheat from the chaff," says Van der Sluis. "Concerned care homes, where profit seems to be the main goal, shoot up like mushrooms."

The municipality will tackle these 'worrying' care providers together with the police, GGD and the care office. Van der Sluis emphasizes that care providers that provide good and effective care cannot be feared.

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