General practitioner expresses strong criticism of minister Van Nieuwenhuizen after aviation debate

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General practitioner Beijderwellen from South Friesland is very critical of the statements of Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. He believes that she does not take her responsibility with a recent report from the RIVM. "We are kept on the line, it is outrageous."

Leonhard Beijderwellen responds to statements by the minister about the RIVM report ultrafine dust. According to him, it is not true that the Netherlands is at the forefront of research into the effects of ultrafine dust on health. That is what the minister does say in the parliamentary debate yesterday afternoon.

Ultra-fine dust

The RIVM recently announced the first findings from a long-term study into the health risks of ultrafine dust. The first results are quite serious, according to the doctor. Beijderwellen believes that it does not get the attention it needs. He is visibly angry with the Minister of Infrastructure.

We do not yet have standards for ultrafine emissions, so nothing is enforceable either. We are working on an action plan.

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen


After the more than five-hour aviation debate, few cheerful faces can be seen in the corridors of the Lower House. Many of those present in the gallery come from Overijssel. Leon Adegeest from HoogOverijssel passes by disappointedly. Two aldermen from Gelderland are no longer satisfied. There are more who have not had a good feeling about it, Beijderwellen is clearly not the only one.

Because the minister was unable to give concrete answers to many of the questions from the Chamber. Van Nieuwenhuizen requires time because much depends on research or external factors such as the nitrogen crisis. She was also unable to respond well to the traffic distribution rule (VVR).

Much changed

It is very difficult for the minister to take steps in the Lelystad Airport case. A lot has changed since the House of Representatives voted in 2008 for an overflow airport for Schiphol. In society and in science. Thanks to the coalition agreement, Van Nieuwenhuizen is obliged to open the airport. In the Lower House she hit the opposition on a collision course on Wednesday.

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